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Parenting Styles Quiz

Rate yourself against the following statements and see your parenting style.

Respond to the following questions, providing the most honest answers to each one.

1=Not True; 10=True

1. I have a difficult time letting my child fail at a project.
2. I get worried that my child will one day not like me.
3. I feel dependent on professionals to help me lead my child.
4. When I see my child struggle, I want to step in and take over.
5. I tend to want to stay in constant contact with my child.
6. I love relating to my child and his/her peers as a friend.
7. I don’t feel I’m able to handle the pressures of raising my child.
8. I often get very angry when my child doesn’t perform well.
9. I have a hard time if I don’t know what my child is doing 24/7.
10. I spend lots of time thinking how I can remain “cool” to my kid.
11. I rely heavily on children’s workers, teachers or coaches.
12. I get very upset if someone judges my or my child’s conduct.

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