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Assessment: Are You iY Friendly? How Attractive Are You to iY Employees?

If you’ve read the book Generation iY, you are already familiar with the kinds of elements young people want in a job. However, this little quiz below will enable you to see at a glance if your workplace is Generation iY friendly. Circle the response that most represents your honest appraisal of your workplace.

1. As a boss, are you more “time-oriented” — requiring people to clock in and out — or are you more "result-oriented", where your greatest concern is getting the job done whenever it happens?
2. Does your organization have very clear commitments to recycle, maintain clean air, save energy and be “green” as you create products and services?
3. Do you have a difficult time allowing employees to be on Facebook during work hours?
4. Do you have employees work as teams or individually?
5. Are you flexible with work hours and methods, or have you maintained the same methods you currently use for a number of years?
6. Do you take time to listen to new employees’ ideas and concerns, or do you find it difficult to find the time?
7. Do you foster and celebrate change in your organization, or do you stick to what you know and maintain the products and services that are tried and true?
8. Have you established a “mutual mentoring” initiative at work, where older and younger employees can benefit from each other’s strengths and experiences?
9. Is texting among employees and leaders allowed?
10. Be honest. What was your attitude when you first heard about or hired a new Generation iY employee?

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