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Are You An Immigrant or a Native?

As you age (as an adult), chances are you will feel a "gap" between you and Generation iY, like you're an immigrant in a land of natives. Because of this, you’ll have to work harder to speak their language and know their customs and values. Take this simple test to see whether you're an immigrant or native in today's iWorld.

1. When you have to get a message to a friend, are you most prone to:
2. Given a choice between the two artists, who would you be more prone to listen to:
3. When you think about working at a job, do you think in terms of:
4. When you think of Michael Jackson, which of these sticks out in your mind most?
5. During your childhood, which TV shows do you remember most:
6. When you first started carrying music around with you, which did you use:
7. When you get on YouTube, which are you most likely do to:
8. How many hours a day do you play video games?
9. In your typical daily activities, describe your interaction with your mom:
10. I own and use the following devices each day:

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