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5th Anniversary Edition: Updated & Expanded

For five years, Tim Elmore's best-selling book Generation iY® has helped over 100,000 leaders around the world understand and connect with today's teens and young adults. Now that Generation iY is older, Tim has updated the book with new research, helpful solutions, and two new chapters that will further equip you as you work with the emerging generation.

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This New Edition Will Help You...

  • Adopt education strategies that engage an “i” generation
  • Employ their strengths and styles on the job
  • Correct crippling parenting styles
  • Repair damage from (unintentional) lies we’ve told students
  • Guide young adults toward real success instead of superficial “self-esteem”
  • Understand the generation following Millennials: Generation Z

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

Gene Smith Gene Smith, Vice President / Director of Athletics, The Ohio State University

“Tim Elmore understands Gen Y. He also understands what our role is in leading and shaping this next generation of leaders. A cultural shift is taking place, and we must be educated, aware and prepared for our role. Generation iY provides the insight we all need.”

Tami Heim Tami Heim, Former president, Borders Inc., Mother of a 23-year-old daughter

“In my experience as a mother and senior corporate executive, I know the importance of bringing along the next generation of leaders. Dr. Tim Elmore outlines a solid plan of action. To date I have not found another book that equips a parent, employer, or educator to accomplish this task. This one gets it done! A must read for anyone in the position of growing future leaders.”

Rich Katt Rich Katt, State Director, Nebraska Career Education

"Having served in education for decades, I believe the need has never been greater for teachers and parents to understand this generation of students. The Nebraska Department of Education, the schools and students in the state of Nebraska have benefited greatly from Dr. Elmore’s ideas. I consider this book a must-read for teachers or administrators. The work that Tim and his team at Growing Leaders do is essential as we continue to transform education to meet the needs of students and of the workforce in the future."

Dayton Moore Dayton Moore, General Manager, Kansas City Royals

"Dr. Tim Elmore has provided our staff with vital insights on the next generation. This book, Generation iY, will not only give you a clear vision and understanding of the next generation, it will grow your passion to effectively motivate them to succeed."

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